Alvin Tate

Aloof fantasy novelist


Archetype Reaper / Threshold the Prey
Virtue Charity / Vice Pride


Intelligence ●●● / Strength ●● / Presence ●
Wits ●● / Dexterity ●● / Manipulation ●●
Resolve ●●● / Stamina ●● / Composure ●●●●


Academics (Research) ●●
Investigation ●
Medicine ●
Occult ●
Politics ●
Science ●

Athletics ●
Stealth ●
Weaponry (Swords) ●●

Animal Ken ●●
Empathy ●●
Expression (Creative Writing) ●●●
Persuasion ●●
Socialize ●●

Core Traits

Health 7 / Willpower 7

Psyche 1 / Plasm 8 (Maximum Plasm: 14 / Plasm expenditure per turn: 1)
Synergy 7 (Maximum Synergy: 10)

Size 5 / Speed 9 / Defense 2
Armor n/a / Initiative Mod 6 / Experience 0 (0 spent)


Disarm (●●)
Resources (●●; Alvin’s disposable income gives him $1,000 a month of spending cash and $5,000 in liquid assets. He has to pay $99 a month for his car lease.)
Fame (●; As a successful fantasy novelist, Alvin is well known among genre-savvy fans of his work, but is mostly unknown by the world at large.)
Ceremonies (●●●)
Haunt Utility, Shared (●●)
Haunt Residue, Shared (●)

Other Traits

Keys: Cold-Wind, Primeval
Manifestations: Boneyard ●●, Caul ●
Ceremonies: Mortis Mask (●●), Final Vision (●)

Keystone – the Maiden’s Brooch
The Silent (Death by Deprivation)
Keys: Cold-Wind, Primeval
Skill: Animal Ken
A penannular brooch made of silver, with a raven design adorning the top of the pin. It’s covered in frost and icicles that never melts.

Equipment (Carried)
  • A smartphone (Durability 1, Structure 2, Size 1, Cost ●●)
  • Business casual clothing
  • A pair of designer glasses
  • Keys to his apartment house
Possessions (Owned)
  • A 2012 smart Fortwo pure coupe (Subcompact car, Durability 2, Structure 10, Size 8, Acceleration 13, Safe Speed 95, Max Speed 147, Handling 3, Occupants 1+1 1, Cost ●)
  • A fencing sword (Size 2/L, Durability 3, Cost ●, Damage 1L, Armor Piercing 1, Melee range)
  • A desktop computer (Durability 2, Size 3, Structure 2, Cost ●●)

1. A Fortwo can only hold 2 people, even though it’s a subcompact car, which can normally seat 4 people.

Physical Description

Age 29 / Date of Birth April 9th, 1985 / First Death ((At least 2 months prior to the chronicle’s start, presumably (but not concretely) prior to February 13th))
Hair White / Eyes Green / Race Caucasian / Nationality American
Height 5’10" / Weight 155 lb. / Sex Male

Alvin has a thin build with relatively little muscle mass, being more spry than strong. His hair is naturally white, and his face has a defined jaw and gaunt cheeks. Although he is not vision impaired without them, he does wear glasses to combat his mild nearsightedness. After his first death, Alvin’s skin has a constant pallor – a paleness that suggests albinism or the early stages of hypothermia. This pallor grows in severity in total darkness; extended periods without exposure to light of any kind leaves him looking bone white from head to toe.


Alvin Tate was a man who had always been looked down on by his peers; bullied in high school and constantly berated by his peers in his adult life, he took what little solace he could in his friends and his writing. After marrying his loving wife Serena, Alvin began writing fantasy novels as a profession. Engrossed in his works about heroes facing off with dark, morbid forces pulled from his own mind, his work found a following among others and netted him some manner of fame.

Finally given some form of exaltation from others, he became obsessed with chasing the American dream and becoming an even greater success. With time, though, he also felt guilt for practically abandoning his wife. Alvin decided to go on a romantic getaway to the Rockies with Serena to bring their distancing relationship closer together.

One fateful day during their vacation changed Alvin’s life forever; as the sun set, an avalanche began hurtling towards their cabin. Having only enough time to grab their snowmobile and make a run for it, Alvin and Serena tried to outrun the white death chasing at their heels, but their efforts were in vain; the couple crashed into a rock and were thrown from the vehicle. When Alvin awoke, he saw Serena laying lifelessly across from him in the snow, blood staining the white ground. He reached for her so that he could embrace her in her final moments, only for him to be crushed by a tree dislodged from its roots, killing him instantly.

It was then that she came to him – a lover scorned centuries ago, touched by Alvin’s faith in his endeavors to the bitter end. She offered him a deal – give those who would betray the trust that others had put in them their ‘due diligence’, and Alvin could live again. Though the choice was not easy for him, he agreed.

Goals / Destiny

After bonding with his Geist, the Winter Maiden, Alvin wants to use the powers he has gained from her to right the misdeeds of the world’s real-life villains – the people who inspired his own writing’s antagonists. No longer the weakling running from the monsters, Alvin wants to write a new story; his sword will be his pen, and the blood and plasm of the guilty will be his ink.


the Winter Maiden
A misty conglomeration of hail, snow and ice, the Winter Maiden appears as a vague silhouette of a regal Victorian queen, with no distinguishable features otherwise. She speaks with a tender, low voice that suggests a mother’s love and care. When angered, she (it?) regresses to a form resembling a dust devil of hailstones and icicles, and her voice becomes pained and hoarse, the howling of stormy winds punctuating her inflections.

Recent Events

After the tragic circumstances that led to Alvin’s first death, Alvin tried to resume some semblance of a normal life. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop seeing Serena’s image in the places that mattered to him – in his home, at the restaurant they first met, beside him in the car – driving him into a deep depression and ruining his creative muse. Unable to cope, Alvin turned to professional help, but when even therapy failed him – not to mention the festering impatience of the Maiden burning like a cold fire on his back – he decided that a change of scenery was the best option.

Two months after Serena’s death, Alvin moved into a 1-bedroom apartment in the Orlando Metro area, hoping the hot summer air would lift his spirits. Yet, in the days after his arrival, he found himself spurred by his Geist to seek out a ‘gathering place’…which led him to the motel. Though the Maiden claims ignorance to its existence, she knew it was a place of great importance in this city. Alvin’s intuition on ‘places of power’ was tainted by his line of work…but he had accepted her Bargain. He didn’t have a choice in the matter of whether or not to let himself get wrapped up in this grand plot the universe had in store for him; he had an obligation to do so.

Alvin Tate

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