Orlando by Night

“Who wants to live forever,
Forever is our today,
Who waits forever anyway?”

- Queen

Florida. God’s Waiting Room. There are worst places to die: In the frigid colds of the north or bitten by some strange beast in the tropical wilderness. One could call it a paradise, almost. As the elderly await their final reward in the humid air, staring out of their broad windows at the highway and the pine trees, they have nothing but time. Time to think. Time to reflect.

Not everything stays dead in Florida. They have a tendency to hang around for longer than expected, persisting, rotting in the hot oppressive sun. They fester until there’s nothing left. Even the memories last, warped in the summer heat and afternoon storms, until they become something different. Something more. Even the legends change.

Die or live. Go forward or languish. What will your story tell? What will your reflection show?

Reflections: Orlando by Night is a Geist: the Sin-Eaters game set in the modern metropolis of Orlando, Florida.

The theme of the game is Ghost Stories. Reflections of the past as they are in the present, Ghosts are very much a reflection of their former lives. Like any reflection, they can be warped or changed from how they used to be, and rarely show a full image. Likewise, the stories themselves are a reflection on societies, relationships and the interplay between man and the universe.

The mood is Restless. Lives in Florida seem to move all the time, but nothing quite gets going. It feels very much like a cat ready to pounce. Something can happen at any moment, but all too often, that moment never comes. Lives seem to reach a stand-still, and it’s difficult to push against the status quo. It’s surprisingly easy to maintain in Florida, but it’s near impossible to tear away from it. It’s often too late that people realize how trapped they become, and the constant reminder of other people from other places only cement it home. Welcome to Florida. Welcome to limbo.


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