Jacob "Jackalope Jake" Barclay

Supernatural Hunter & Radio Broadcaster


Str-1 Int-2 Pre-2
Dex-3 Wit-2 Man-4
Sta-2 Res-3 Com-2

Occult-3 (Ghost Numina)

Larceny-1 (Breaking in to Haunted Locales)

Persuasion-2 (add 1 with Fame)
Expression-2 (Using the Twilight Network)
Socialize-1 (add 1 with Fame)

1-Fame: o (add 1 Persuasion, add 1 Socialize)
1-Contacts: o (Internet)
2-Status: o (Charonites)
4-Memento: oo (Charm: Death’s Spectacles. Charm: Wishful Travel Plans)
2-Haunt: oo (add 2 Fluidity to Haunt)

Keys: Stigmata, Phantasm
Manifestation: Marionette **, Shroud *

Phantasm Marionette Enhancements:
add (# Successes) Intimidation
add 2 Strength, add 1 Dexterity, add 1 Presence
Health: 8 – Size: 5 – Speed: 12 – Defense: 3 – Ini: 6

Keystone – The Bloodied Fang
The Torn (Death by Violence)
Keys: Stigmata, Phantasm
Skill: Occult
A chipped werewolf fang, roughly seven inches long, stained with the feint tint of blood dried long ago. Holding the keystone gives one a sense of mild paranoia and anxiety. This is heightened by the eerie fact that, if you look away and back at the fang, the blood-stains are always in a different pattern; sometimes random globules, spatters or drippings, other times whorled into patterns.

Krewe Binding Ritual (o) – Psyche and Presence
Pass On (o) – Psyche + Presence
Finding (o) – Psyche + Stamina
Speaker of the Dead (o) – Psyche and Manipulation

Charm – Death’s Spectacles
The Torn (Death by Violence)
Key: Stigmata
Skill: Occult
State executioners witness death on a regular basis. These thin, copper-framed spectacles, with small, rounded lenses belonged to the “State Electrician” of Mississippi during the 1940s and 1950s. These glasses witnessed the agonizing end of at least 55 people, and were put to rest only with the instatement of a new gas chamber (a job which required chemical, not electrical, expertise). The lenses are a near match for Jake, only slightly below his necessary prescription, but they seem to suddenly appear 20/20 clear when witnessing blood.

Charm – Wishful Travel Plans
The Stricken (Death by Pestilence)
Key: Phantasm
Skill: Intimidation
Life always throws curves at people when they least expect it. A vacation is cut short or ruined by sudden accident or sickness. Some people, however, feel they can will themselves better by making plans while sick. This round trip plane ticket to The Bahamas belonged to a man sick with stage four cancer. Many felt he bought the ticket to cheer himself up with thoughts of vacation, but this man fixated on nothing but walking out of the hospital and taking his vacation. He died the day before his departure, clutching the ticket that he would never be able to use, enraptured by the illusion of his vacation that would never come.

Contact (Internet) – “Misery of Despair” eMail Mailing List
An outdated Goth-culture email Mailing List, where messages often return bouncebacks from long-dead email accounts. Responses are slow but honest, as the few remaining members are all Sin-Eaters who co-opted the list as a “Welcome to the Underworld” Q&A.

Roll of Quarters (Bus Fare and Brawling Implement)
Handheld Audio Recorder
Disposable Polaroid Cameras
Laptop Computer (~2007)
Backpack w/ Sleeping Bag
Change of Clothing (Formal Wear and Casual clothes)


Jacob Barclay

Jacob Barclay has always seen strange things out of the corner of his eye, so much so, he makes his living off a local radio show devoted to the strange goings-on in Orlando. However, humans aren’t always the most welcome when they meddle in the unexplained. While staying overnight at a haunted segment of the Catfish Creek Preserve State Park, he got lost in the endless wetlands, disregarded the signs of a local werewolf, and found himself face to face with the beast. Chest ripped open and bleeding deeply, he managed to stumble away, only to find the blood loss heightening his confusion. Amidst the twinkling lights that should have guided him back to the ranger’s hut, he instead wandered aimlesly, following ghost-lights and appiritions brought on by blood loss. Death came swiftly as he bled out wandering in circles. He was offered a bargain from The Wyld Hunted, a geist of trechery and revenge against hunters of humanity. Jake understood what had killed him, and in his fading consciousness, was furiously upset he didn’t get a picture; as angry as the Wyld Hunted was enraged a werewolf killed another human. The two merged to one as Jake fell forward into the mud, the beast’s chipped fang, drenched in dark blood, became his keystone.

Having since become a Sin-Eater, Jake found himself right at home as a new Charonite, utilizing his locally popular radio show to disseminate coded information to the underworld community. He hosts a local access radio call-in show, “Jackalope Jake’s Hour of the Unexplained” which serves as a moderated mouthpiece for local Krewes to call out information. In his online podcast, “Hello from Twilight,” he inerjects his own voice, using fictional tales of hauntings to tell those in the know about real paranormal goings-on around Orlando.

Jake stands just shy of 5’6", sporting the beginnings of a pudgy stomach of a sedentary post-college life. His hazel eyes, highlighted by rounded cheek bones, stare back with a mild sense of sleep deprivation, still alert enough to keep careful watch for unexplained happenings. He had a habit of keeping his mouth closed in a thin straight line, but when he’s excited, Jake would often let his pursed lips part and jaw hang open in wonder as he absorbed his latest find. Before his Bargain, he was less conscious of his looks, preferring to wear cargo pants and a loose tee shirt. Now that he became immersed in the world of the Charonites and Sin-Eaters, Jake was careful to dress up a bit more when he knew he was going out, a black suit, dressy pants, white undershirt and tie for any occasion. He sports a set thin-rimmed copper eye glasses and always carries an unused plane ticket dated 2010, in his pocket.

The Wylde Hunted

Wylde manifests himself as a tall humanoid form, with shaggy antlers covered in torn and bloody ivy. Its skin hangs off in strips rended by claw and fang. It’s throat is torn, it’s cracked and bite furrowed ribs reveal naught but an empty chest. Burning eyes narrow and nostrils flare at the scent of the undead and wolves. Creatures who hunt humanity should learn what it’s like to be hunted in turn. This centuries old geist stalks the hunters of man, with gleaming silver claws and a heart aflame with vengeance.

Wylde is a silent beast. He watches and waits, bides his time and strikes only when necessary. As such, he doesn’t reveal himself much to Jake. When he speaks, he talks in short phrases, with deep and gravely voice, or erupts into a furious rage, as if attempting to hold a pack of wolves at bay. Most often, he speaks to Jake when someone is pursuing him, whether it’s a person trying to gain his attention, or a hunter stalking his prey. Other times, he’s silent, but will play tricks on Jake’s mind and illuminate a few ghost lights in his field of vision, to draw his attention to something important. But most often, he stays quiet, watching and sensing. A hunter of hunters, the one who waits for the predator to make a wrong decision.

For the most part, Jake an Wylde get along well, especially when Jake’s prideful side comes out. Wylde can often be sated when Jake stalks and successfully captures pictures or audio of a supernatural being that’s also stalking him. It’s not proper hunting, but it is often enough to keep the wrathful rage of his Geist pent up inside. Wylde will also feed on Jake’s emotions. Anger at missing an opportunity or frustration at not getting a good enough story only feeds Wylde’s desire to take revenge. Jake’s Geist also plays the occasional trick, usually in the form of sabotaging his voice recordings with the wails of dying wolves or the patter of ghastly hooves. This doesn’t happen often, usually only when Jake won’t shut up, or is in danger of being heard by the thing stalking him.

Wylde is also beginning to slip away from his own humanity, having Bargained and existed as a Geist for over nine generations. Jake keeps a small file of information that he’s learned about Wylde, one which will never be released to his viewers. But even after two years, he’s barely scratched the surface, in part because Wylde is losing his touch with his past humanity, and also because he’s so quiet.

As far as Jake knows, Wylde was a Prussian huntsman, roughly 45 years old, who immigrated from Europe to the Spanish colony of Florida in the 1730s. There he led hunting parties out into the wilderness. About the event that killed him, Wyld was forthcoming and cryptic, “Hunting. Plentiful game, shadowed by wolves. Many of us, gone, one by one. I survived. I became.” There are no records of a lost hunting party on file at any local historical societies. When asked why he fought to live, he answered simply, “My Hialeah.”

Jacob "Jackalope Jake" Barclay

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