Kevin Shrade

Student paramedic turned student mortician

Archetype Advocate / Threshold The Silent
Virtue Temperence / Vice Gluttony


Intelligence ●● / Strength ● / Presence ●
Wits ●●● / Dexterity ●●● / Manipulation ●●
Resolve ●●● / Stamina ●● / Composure ●●●●


Academics ●●
Computers ●●
Medicine ●●●
Occult (Superstitions) ●●
Science (Biology) ●●

Athletics ●
Brawl ●
Drive ●
Stealth (Crowds) ●

Animal Ken ●
Empathy ●
Expression ●
Persuasion ●●
Subterfuge ●●

Core Traits

Health 7 / Willpower 7

Psyche 1 / Plasm 9 (Maximum Plasm: 14 / Plasm expenditure per turn: 1)
Synergy 7 (Maximum Synergy: 10)

Size 5 / Speed 9 / Defense 3
Armor n/a / Initiative Mod 7 / Experience 0 (0 spent)


Danger Sense (●●)
Iron Stomach (●●)
Natural Immunity (●)
Resources (●●)
Haunt Residue, Shared (●●)
Haunt Utility, Shared (●)

Other Traits

Keys: Tear-Stained, Stillness
Manifestations: Boneyard ●●, Shroud ●
Ceremonies: N/A

Keystone – The Chronicler’s Eye
The Silent (Death by Deprivation)
Keys: Tear-Stained_, Stillness
Skill: Investigation
The melted mirror of the Chronicler, melted into a lump, blackened by the fire of a broken oil lamp. The center of the lump is always fluid, melted, and looking into it gives the feeling of being watched.

Equipment (Carried)

  • Pocket Flashlight (Durability 1, Structure 2, Size 1, Cost N/A)
  • Pepper Spray (Durability 1, Structure 2, Size 1, Cost N/A)
  • Clamshell Cellphone (Durability, 1, Structure 1, Size 1, Cost ●)
  • Monthly Bus Pass (Durability 1, Structure 1, Size 0, Cost ●)
  • Keys to his apartment house




Physical Description

Age 25 / Date of Birth March 19th, 1988 / First Death May 8th 2012
Hair Chessnut Brown / Eyes Blue with some green around the pupil / Race Caucasian / Nationality American
Height 5’9" / Weight 151 lb. / Sex Male

Kyle has pale skin, with a fairly thin body. He has managed to avoid a permanent slouch despite using a computer at home for hours at a time, although he does mention back pains every so often. His hair is cut short, usually longer at the back than the front or sides, and he takes care to wash it (and the rest of himself) every night, as he hates a grungy feel. He has a number of freckles on his fingers, which makes them somewhat easy to distinguish from others.


Kyle was initially a medical student, working to become a paramedic, owing to what his immediate family wanted him to become. However, his lack of work-ethic meant that he spent too much time on luxuries, stayed up too late studying, and either skipped or slept past meals. Eventually, the exhaustion became too much on Kyle and when he was walking back to his dorm in the rain, he collapsed into a nature resevoir. Disorientated and malnurished, he couldn’t manage to pull his head out of the water and drowned, whereupon he became a sin-eater with the geist the Shattered Chronicler. Afterwards, Kyle switched fields to mortician work, feeling that he’s grinding himself down for a profession where the dead come at too easy an event and (given his current situation) he’d be more of a hinderance than a help.

Kyle has limited contact with his family. His parents and siblings are apathetic to the struggles he faces, to the point that he hasn’t bothered to tell them he nearly drowned. He mostly talks to his supportive grandmother, and a few people in his workplace who enjoy the same fiction he does. He has an interest in Japanese shows and comics, and has a tendency to spend his time watching/reading them online rather than doing schoolwork. Despite this, Kyle only knows snippets of Japanese.

Goals / Destiny

To be added


the Shattered Chronicler
A humanoid figure with a mirror-like shine, reflecting whomever Kyle sees and thus appearing like them. However, the figure’s shine is marred by many cracks, making whomever it reflects look broken. Its voice, when it speaks, resonates and echoes from many directions, but is entirely monotone.

Recent Events

To be added

Kevin Shrade

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